DROR is a pioneer in creating a data-driven safety-tech ecosystem. Our mission is to eliminate uncertainty pertaining to safety for citizens and enterprises through our various products and services.

Since 2018, we have been working on creating solutions that have a real-world impact and can bring about positive change. Our solutions aim to make safety an easier priority for both people and businesses.

Public Safety:

Our public safety solutions help people alert each other of the safety situations around them and also aid in decision-making to avoid risky situations. You can take a look at our platform here on lythouse.co

Business Safety:

From solutions that cover software, technology, services, and physical products, we cover a wide range that helps businesses ensure employee safety and business continuity no matter what the situation demands.

Ask us for a demo of our solutions that help you:

– Get your work done effortlessly while maintaining 100% Social Distancing
– Zero Contact Attendance
– Virus Free Commute
– Instant quarantine for COVID19 patients & employees who came in-contact
– Daily health information of employees at your fingertips
– A live digital bulletin for contactless teleworking


Dhiraj Naubhar

Co-founder & CEO

18+ years in Product, Strategy & Marketing, LBS, NIT Calicut

Gopinath Latpate

Co-founder & Operations

Serial Entrepreneur, Technocrat,
Sold his last venture to JLL, Ex-Executive Director JLL, Las Vegas, US

Pratik Sharma

Co-founder & CtO

7.5 years of experience in building tech platforms, IOT & big data analytics. Ex-Accenture


Senior VP

16+ Years in Data Science, Operations
National Stock Exchange, EXL, BITS Pilani

Varun Sharma

V.P. Enterprise Solutions

10 years in key accounts, ex-Tata

Naitry Saggu

Director EMEA

Over 16 years of experience in Account Management in Europe, Middle East & Africa