Riskmatic Platform

DROR’s Risk Management Platform helps you monitor threats and disruptions around the globe, and helps you make the best decisions for your employees and organization.


Features we Offer

SOS with 24/7 Command Center Availability

As part of the system, users will have access to an SOS button that can be used in an emergency. In case of an emergency, users can contact up to five contacts.

Safety Ticketing System

Users can report issues and incidents using the command center. In addition to an image or video, the report can also include text and a severity level for supervisors to be alerted.

Space Management

Seat booking system is a software application to help employees book their work seats and meeting rooms in any branch office. Along with this, it helps in recording daily attendance of employees.

Generate Reports

Users with special roles will be able to view reports based on available features with various filters like date, location etc. These reports can be downloaded in various formats and can be tailor made.

User Profile Management

The system allows users to assign with different profiles and roles. Super admins can add or edit any user’s profile.

Emergency Locations

Based on their geocodes, users can find public places like hotels, restaurants, police stations, blood banks, hospitals, which they can use in case of emergency or otherwise.

Calendar/ Event/ Sync Google Calendar

This feature helps them to keep track of their plans and reminds them so they can get ready without stress.

Alert System

We will provide users with various different extracts based on media scraping based on predefined categories like health, economy, weather, political, social, etc based on different parameters like segment, area of concern, geography, etc.

Travel Doc Management

Users can update their personal information (visa, passport renewal, vaccination, etc.) for upcoming business trips, which will help organize the team to make informed decisions.

Why Choose Us

Our approach to ensuring the protection of your people and other assets starts with an award-winning, highly evolved risk management system, specifically engineered to drive informed, timely action.